Monday, 16 March 2009

Home Projects

So I've just ordered a decent soldering iron from eBay for about 10euro. After spending 40euro in Maplin the other day, hardly buying enough components to fill my pockets, I decided I need to start buying my stuff online.

Anyways, with regards the soldering iron, I've now got enough tools to get me going on my way to creating and designing my own gadgets. I've a few little ideas that I'd like to get crackin on to see if I'm really any good at this stuff.

At the moment, I'm going through a little book on music projects. I've bought all the components for an electronic xylophone and I hope to have this built by the end of the week. I think Paddy's day is going to get in the way of this though.

My ideal goal is to have a go at noise cancelling technology and from there, I've got an idea, if it works can make me some nice amount of money.

ReWorking experience

Been doing a load of rework lately, it's great, I'm a little scared though. These boards are worth more than ten grand each and here I am with a soldering iron taking lumps out of them. It's all good though so far, I've nearly finished the first set of rework to be done. One day we'll have a fully functional board. Why don't all the components work first time like they say they do in the datasheets??

Ah well, it makes life more fun.