Friday, 7 August 2009

Quick Update

So I've been on holidays for the last two weeks, well actually I got back last Thursday and I haven't blogged up here yet. I'm kinda getting bored of all this blogging at the moment. No one's reading and it's all uninteresting anyways.

Went on holiday to Spain for two weeks, spent two nights in Barcelona, had tapas and paella, then got drunk. Then hit Salou for 11 nights, 7 nights in the EuroSalou hotel, 4 nights in the Valencia Park hotel. We ended up paying something like 50euro a night for both hotels, great price, we were well lucky with some awesome last minute deals. Recession is great for price dropping.
Hit Barcelona again for one last night, stayed in the Kabul hostel, got the tour bus round the city and my bag got robbed on Las Ramblas, the most famous streets of Barcelona for theft. Bag was locked super tight, no idea how they did it so quick and silent. They got passport, driving licence, digital camera, my new glasses and my credit cards. D'oh! Barcelona is now called the City of Thieves to me.
As a result I wont be having many photos up online here for a bit until I get a new camera.

Went to a wedding there at the weekend for a Mrs Cora and Mr. Damien Smith. Used to live with them in their apartment in Northwood, Santry. Thats where I met my lovely girlfriend Ciara. Wedding was fantastic, with a sweets theme. My teeth are still hurting from all the sugar that night.

I'm off again to Lyon on the 22nd with my little brother for his 18th. We're flying to Paris and then getting the TGV straight down to Lyon. It actually works out cheaper doing it this way rather than flying straight to Lyon. It should be fun indeed! More on that closer the time.

I've been given my one month's notice in my current place of residence in Royal Oak. Not because I'm a horrible person to live with, just because they need the room for family staying for a while. Gotta check out for somewhere new to live. Daft has never let me down and always sorted me out with somewhere decent to live. Am getting quite good at picking good spots, lets hope the next one goes just as well :D