Monday, 8 February 2010

AdSense gone, blog writing for company

I've removed AdSense after reading in an article about blogging. Apparently the whole adverts on your blog make it look tacky, unappealing and cheap. Never thought of it like that, on a second look though, my page looked like all those without the ads in the first place. So I figured, remove it, give the page a chance.

I'm currently writing up some draft information for writing for my companies blog site. We've currently got nothing at the moment. Hopefully I can write enough information each week to keep any readers that we may get interested. My only worry is the sensitive nature of writing a company blog. Can't go saying anything that could harm our reputation, while at the same time, not making blatant lies about how amazing we are. There's nothing wrong with a few delightful adjectives around the place, in moderation of course. Will post up the link here if I get it and my proposal is accepted and when it is posted up online.

Hopefully I'll get more readers and experience in this whole blogging phenomena and may even do this blog up properly as well. Sure we'll see what happens.

Take it easy out there in the blogosphere ;)