Thursday, 8 April 2010

TechOnline's Fundamental's of Embedded Test

Got an email today from TechOnline, included a great link for fundamentals of Embedded test with respect to hardware debug. hopefully I can squeeze it in during the day and mark it down as training. Looks and sounds very interesting.

Fundamentals of Embedded Test: Hardware Debug

To any of you out there reading this, I seriously recommend joining TechOnline's website and checking out the online courses and webinars. They are really useful in a wide range or hardware, software and mechanical engineering disciplines.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Won the lotto and moving out

So I won the lotto! Now in fairness I only won 5euro but that's more than I've ever won. After paying 4euro on a ticket, getting 5euro back is nice enough for me. All in all a net gain of 1 euro. Whatever shall I do with it, the list is endless. It's the little things like this that make me smile.

We also gave in our notice (my girlfriend and myself) yesterday to our landlord and said we're moving out in a month. Now in fairness when we sent him the message, we hadn't got a clue where we were going to go. Next thing ya know, I get a call from one of my good friends who lives out in Donabate, who had made a previous offer to me to house sit for him while he goes off travelling for a few months. He's looking for us to stay start of May till end of September, what are the chances that they match exactly what we weer looking for? How sweet is that?

Sometimes I think I really am a jammy git!
So Donabate here we come for a couple of months, bbq's, parties by the estuary and long summer evenings, it will be the life!! The two of us are so excited, we can't wait :D