Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ideas Ideas Ideas...

So I've got another idea for a little program I want to get cracking on. One thing that bugs me is that I've no clue about what tax I'm currently paying and how much money I'm possible owed or am liable to claim back on.

So my idea is, is to write a small program in Visual Basic which would ask you a few important questions and then give you a run down of all the tax you are liable to pay and what you can reclaim back. Also I want to try and embed a form filling tool which will fill in the necessary forms for you and then you can just print it off.

I've taken my inspiration from the Australian Government website which has a little program which does the very same thing. Taxback.com were offering to do my tax for me at a percentage of what I earned, I originally signed up with them but when they lost all my forms and became a serious pain in the butt to sort things out with, I searched how to do the tax back forms myself. In the end, I found the program on the government website, it sends off the necessary forms, it took half an hour to fill and I made more money back on it that way. If only it was that simple here....

... hence the reason why I want to write the program myself for FREE!!

Check out Australia's e-Tax here and a demonstration of how it works here.

I'm sorry the link for e-Tax is no longer available, but if you watch the demo, it looks pretty cool. The next version, e-Tax 2009, is available to download on 1st July.