Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Recession stuff

I've mentioned nothing about the recession and my thoughts about it and how it affects me in this blog yet.

I suppose I should. I just filled out another survey asking me about how my spending has changed since the recession. To be honest, it hasn't really. I went to Australia last year on a whim to chase after my current girlfriend and I racked up a load of debts or about 15,000 euro. That's some amount and I've been trying to pay them off as quick as I can. It hasn't been easy. So I've been fairly careful with my money since I got home anyways.

But the recession has begun to affect me, I've received a 10% pay cut, my PAYE and PRSI deductions have increased. I'm beginning to ask where does my money I pay in taxes go to. How come I'm not seeing the effect of this money and how come the country is still in a wreck of a state?

What would I change in the government?
1) Loopholes allowing people not to pay tax
2) Decrease number of days a year a person has to be in country to pay tax
3) Don't reintroduce college fees. In fairness it only counts for first degree anyways.
4) More money to hospitals, less money to doctors.
5) Loopholes for accountants to keep their money, everyone should have this knowledge and ease of access to these without studying for years.
6) Accountability to bank managers for loss of money, stop bailing out these banks that should be let fall and suffer the consequences of their actions, why let everyone else suffer for their faults.

The Fatcats are running this country and they are in no way innocent of cutting corners or helping themselves make and save money. I'm tired of wanting to spoil my vote come election time because I know the worst party will win and screw us over some more.

The statistics show that 60% of the money made from taxes is made by the middle class workers, the guys and gals who work their arses off from day to day. Not the upper tier of management, not the guys who make all the money and cream the profits come pay day. Not the guys who run this country into the ground telling us we have to tighten our belts as they stuff their faces with another slice of extra large chocolate cake.

Well there's a rant, my first for this blog. My facts aren't always right, but I hope people focus on the meaning and the point as opposed to the semantics and the accuracy of what I say.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

To be updated

I've noticed some odd comments on some of my blogs below and I'm thinking maybe I need to update this page more and get photos into it.

Unfortunately I can't take photos of things I'm actually working on, but I suppose I could take photos of the tools and use photos from other places online.

I also think I need to restrict exactly how much information I give out about what I'm working on as it can affect the Non Disclosure Agreements I've signed with regards the projects I'm working on. Let's just say I'm working on some pretty cool stuff that I'd love to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Ah well.