Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Recieved first items

Ok, so I've received my very first components for our project.
Still awaiting quotes back for the transparent acryllic.

In the pic, you can see the IR LED's, they're purple, the green components are the resistors, they're big yokes and the dark coloured one is the PhotoDiode for later testing.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

First Items Ordered

Ok, I've finally ordered the first batch of items from Farnell. Unfortunately, they only allow orders over 35euro so I had to add a few more items as well. I figured it'd be a good idea to buy a set of noise cancelling headphones as well for my other project.

Anyways, I ordered the following

40x IR LED's, 880nm, SFH485P (16.80 euro)
10x WireWound 51ohm, 5% tolerance, 3W tolerance resistors (3.70 euro)
1x IR Filtered PhotoDiode SFH203-FA (0.75 euro)
for further tests and reducing the overall size of screen.
1x MUX/DEMUX SN74HC4851D for another project (0.75 euro)
1x pair of noise cancelling headphones (15.58 euro)

Hopefully these should arrive in the next few days and I can start taking photos.
I look forward to it.

The transparent acryllic is going to be the tough bit to get. Maybe Stephen has had some luck with it.