Thursday, 13 January 2011

Oooh, LRDIMM's

Found this online, Load-Reduced DIMM's. They're the next step after RDIMM's (Registered DIMM's) and FBDIMM's (Fully Buffered DIMM's), offering even more bandwidth and speed to your system.

Read more here What is LR-DIMM?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Purchasing Music to download

For some strange reason, I'm finding it hard to purchase a copy of the Tron legacy Soundtrack for download. I don't want the CD and CD case cluttering up my already messy room. I've tried the official Tron Legacy sountrack website I can only download the soundtrack if I live in the US. For european sales it's CD only. I tried Amazon, there's geographical restrictions if you're not based in the UK. Not to mention, even if you are a UK citizen and travelling abroad, these restrictions apply as it is based on your IP address.

I've done a quick Google search for downloading a copy of the soundtrack and the only option I have is to use iTunes which I will not install as I've trouble with it before and I don't like using it. Surely they have some competition?? I can't believe in this age of the internet that if I want music I still have to purchase the CD and rip it to MP3 on my PC or just download it illegally.

Why is it harder to download legally than it is to do it illegally? And when I say hard it's next to impossible. This is just retarded!