Monday, 12 April 2010

Some Car Maintenance

As I'm planning on getting a new car this summer, I've decided I'm going to give my Micra a bit of a checkup and some repair and maintenance.

Over the last few weeks I've been fixing up the car and making necessary repairs. So far I've replaced the windscreen wipers, the front right fog lamp, strengthened the front bumper after I wrecked it last year. I had to pop rivet a few aluminium bars behind the bumper to give it greater stability and to straighten it out. I've also replaced the air filter and the oil filter. Replacing the air filter was a simple job, but the oil filter was not as simple. With the help of my younger brother Evan, we removed and refitted the new oil filter, but we got covered in the dirty oil that we had to drain from the engine. It was the darkest dirtiest sludge I've ever come across. It was blacker than a pair of priests socks and we all know how black priests socks are.

Anyways, all that I have left to fix on the car now is to fix my driver side wing mirror. It got damaged while driving the back roads one day and now I can't adjust it, apparently that's reason enough to fail my NCT.

With regards a new car, I'm looking to getting a Volkswagen Golf for under €2000 if that's possible. I'm tired of having a toy car, I want a real car, something a bit beefier and I just love the Golf's, I always have.